Menu from the Pizzeria der Oven with delivery service in Beckum.

The pizzeria offers delicious Italian food such as pizza or pasta with delivery service in Beckum. The chef pays great attention to the hygiene and freshness of the ingredients and only selects the best suppliers, which makes the pizza very tasty and a very good address for Italian food in Beckum.

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tel. No. Delivery service: 0 2521 - 82 52 30

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Delicious Italian food.

On the menu you will find many types of pizza such as the delicious calzone.

In addition, many pasta dishes such as lasagne and other Italian specialties are offered.

Fresh salads and delicious pizza rolls complete the offer.

All dishes, such as the turkey dishes, are always deliciously prepared and you can taste it.

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Tasty Italian dishes.

Italian cuisine is very popular around the world and includes a variety of different dishes. Some of the most famous Italian dishes are pizza, pasta and risotto.

In Italy there are many different regional cuisines, which differ in the ingredients used and the way they are prepared.

For example, the cuisine of northern Italy, such as Milan, is often rich in butter, cream and meat, while the cuisine of southern Italy, such as Naples, is more based on olive oil, Tomato and fish based.

Italian cuisine is also known for its large selection of wines and cheeses.

delicious Italian pizza like at the Pizzeria der Oven with delicious Italian food and delivery service in Beckum.